Villa restoration Glenfield Road 2014 & 2015

Architectural deck, North coat Point. Villa restoration Glenfield Road  2014 & 2015

It is easy to say they were good builders if you have never had bad. We've had both and also ones that look good in the beginning and are not. Frankly, I want the job done peacefully, politely and efficiently without drama and fuss. I want an on time, on budget and someone to give me choices when we get thrown a curve ball. In dealing with Kendal we found a master of the above. Someone who can quote accurately, but honestly too, leaves nothing out. (Very Important) Someone who answers his phone when you ring, or returns the call quickly. Someone who has experience and competence and will go the whole journey with the client. We had respect, we had control and we had a great job done, on time and under budget

He is always extremely busy, but we were looked after perfectly well by his boys. We have met six of them, all competent, old enough to be good and young enough to have amazing energy, all calm and experienced, we would have anyone of them back again. Kendal it seems, leads them very well, expects highly of them and gets it. He is on site frequently, lends a hand as needed and is organised. Well organised. 

So, when you have paid good money for builders who didn't and couldn't deliver, then pay the same money for Kendal's team the pressure lifts, joy returns to the project and the results and the process are very pleasing indeed. I can highly recommend The building co and suggest people pay close attention to what Kendal advises as its well considered honest advice.  

We are looking forward to continuing to deal with The building co on our upcoming projects.

Jaz Knowles