Apartment 1B, 6 Collins St, Takapuna

Takapuna apartment Re fit 2015

This reference relates to the refit of Apartment 1B, 6 Collins St, Takapuna. The overall design was done by Bonham Interiors and The Building Co were selected for construction on the basis of their proven quality. The refit took place between February and May 2015. The overall cost was around $360,000 

We found Kendal highly professional and were entirely satisfied with the quality of the work. From the first meeting he understood the task well and was able to deliver a schedule of works and budget which proved to be realistic and accurate. He identified where there were unknowns, such as uncertainty about plumbing that would not become apparent until the system was revealed, and made an appropriate budget allowance.  The final budget was only 4% over on the unforeseen items , indicating that the costings were accurate.

Kendal has an excellent team of tradespeople working with him. He managed the team effectively and efficiently so that the schedule of works was delivered almost to the day. From the outset he identified the areas that were outside his control (such as cabinetry with the designer) so that we were always clear who had responsibility and where any delays might occur. During the main works the tradespeople worked almost seamlessly, demonstrating Kendal’s project management skills. It was clear that his team enjoyed working with him and would adapt their schedule to meet particular needs that arose or to revisit where the designer wanted to make subtle changes.

In terms of communication, Kendal was also excellent. He kept in regular contact and was always available if needed. At the point of ‘snagging’, when there are many small points that need attention, he organised them efficiently and liaised extensively with the contractors who were managed by the designer. Every task was attended to and we were always clear when things would happen along with the reasons for postponement to a later time. He took on many of the tiny things himself.

Aside from his professional capability, Kendal is an extremely nice person to work with. He has a calm and relaxed manner even when under pressure and he gives the impression nothing is too much trouble. He cares about quality and is the kind of person who inspires confidence.

We therefore have no hesitation whatsoever  in recommending Kendal and The Building Co. There are sure to be builders who can do the job more cheaply but few would be so professional, easy and reliable to work with.

Sue Emmott and Michael Bowman
Tel: 09 488 0267